Finding Balance in June

“It’s all about finding balance.”

Though these words are often overused, I found myself really connecting with them this month. After uploading a very personal video (Can I Live A Slower Life?) and then experiencing a much needed weekend away with my boyfriend, I have noticed myself taking those words to heart.

At the beginning of this month, I felt very lost with how I wanted to lead my life. My current job was leading me down a stressful road, while my dreams were threatening to leave if I didn’t put myself out there right now. But inside all I wanted to do was garden, cross-stitch, and do yoga.


My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend 3 full days together for our anniversary. We drove up to Clear Lake and spent the weekend at a lovely AirBnB. There were flowers everywhere and friendly cats and dogs to pet and play with. We explored the sleepy small towns nearby, hiked at Clear Lake State Park, and were able to completely disconnect from our “real” lives. No talk of work or other annoyances. Just us together.

These experiences have reshaped my view of this month. Though our time at Clear Lake was wonderful, we could not live like that forever. The beauty of that time is that it’s fleeting. It’s short. It recharged us and reenergized us for our real lives.

I can only sprint for so long. Too much sprinting without any recovery time is detrimental. Though my dreams require a lot of energy, time, and commitment, I know now I need to view it more like a marathon with shorter sprints.

I am so much more empowered to cultivate balance in June.