A Weekend Away in Sebastopol, California

Two weeks ago my parents, Lukas, and I attended a wedding in Sebastopol, CA. Before this, neither Lukas nor I had heard of Sebastopol. With a population of less than 10,000 and a multitude of wineries, this small town charmed us all. We were lucky enough to stay in a small cottage my mom found on Airbnb. The owner of the cottage also owned a small farm next door! I recommend checking out Airbnb first because we wouldn’t have had such a unique experience at a hotel.

The friendly woman who owned the Airbnb suggested we feed our food scraps to the animals. Each morning we rushed out with our banana peels and strawberry stems in hand to feed whichever animal was nearby. Sheep, goats, and pigs competed for our treats, and, though I tried to distribute food evenly, the fattest pig definitely ate the most.


I enjoyed being able to hand feed the animals, especially because they were saving these scraps from the trash. (Though the Airbnb had a recycling bin, there was not one for compost.) This was a foreign concept to me as I only had dogs growing up. My step dad spoiled them, but he also made sure they didn’t eat too much human food. I started imagining the possibilities- what if we gave our food scraps (except meat of course) to farm animals? I understand the difficulty of organizing this large-scale, but even if neighbors “donated” their scraps to farms it would still make a difference. Ideally it would reduce food waste as well as foster relationships with neighbors and animals. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


The wedding ceremony took place at a beautiful vineyard around sunset. Though the flies were annoying at times, I appreciated that the reception was held outdoors in front of this view. There’s something special about sharing this day so close to nature. Other than the small house behind us, we were nearly surrounded by greenery. If I ever decide to get married, it will be in front of a view like this, and far away from any city.


My parents, Lukas, and I were also able to explore a few antique shops in Sebastopol. Every store was massive and full of anything you could possibly be looking for. We found a birdcage, wood dollhouse, copper cookware, typewriters, and even some campaign buttons. If you love antiquing, check out Antique Society for hours of browsing.

Lukas and I look forward to spending more time exploring this small town, as well as other towns in Northern California. We’d love to hear any recommendations you have.


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