Top 5 Things to do in Huntington Beach, CA

Both Lukas and I grew up in Huntington Beach and we’ve explored nearly every foot of the city. Even though HB is full of chain restaurants and stores, there’s a few unique places we’d recommend you check out. I tried to compile a list that is both zero waste and minimalist inspired. Unless you have to pay for parking, all 5 things should cost you $0. Whether you’re vacationing there or just passing through, here’s a list of 5 things to do in Huntington Beach.


Huntington Beach, CA

5. Check out the Street Fair (Tuesday Nights)

The street fair is the only event that will get me downtown. Local farmers, gardeners, and crafters set up booths along the closed off streets. Even if you aren’t interested in buying anything, it’s still fun to look at all the vendors. The only issue is parking. I’ve never paid for parking in the structure, instead preferring to park in the neighborhoods and make the trek.


Huntington Beach, CA4. Visit Old World

Nestled behind Bella Terra, Old World is easy to miss. It’s a mini German town complete with “historical” architecture, art, pubs, and food. We especially enjoy going to the coffee shop, A Coffee Tale, browsing the little market on the outskirts of the area, and exploring the clock shop near the main entrance. There’s not a soul in sight each time we go, and that makes the place sort of special, you know?


Huntington Beach, CA

3. Walk Around the Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Huntington Beach is not known for its hiking or walking paths so don’t expect anything breath taking. (Although I must say the picture above is pretty incredible- thanks Lukas!) That being said, this is one of the nicest walks you could take in Huntington Beach. The walking trails seem to go on and on. Along the way, you’ll see a variety of cacti and birds. Parking is free so you’ll only have to worry about bringing a (reusable) water bottle.


Huntington Beach, CA

2. Walk through Central Park

If you need to get away from the sounds of cars and trucks, spend some time at Central Park. Next to the beach, this is the most beautiful spot in Huntington Beach. There’s towering trees, grassy fields, and a variety of wildlife to observe. You can take a walk around the loop, have a picnic, do yoga, or sit at a bench and people watch. If it’s too chilly, but you still want to take in the view, check out the library nearby. There’s tons of chairs to relax in and clean bathrooms.


Huntington Beach, CA

1. Check out the Beach

Don’t just explore the pier! Travel north toward the state beach and sit on (or by) the rock cliffs. You can park on a neighborhood street and walk across PCH if you don’t want to feed the meters. Lukas and I have gone there to watch the sunset a few times, and while it’s pretty chilly, the seclusion of the cliffs and the beauty of the sky make those nights memorable.


That’s it! Of course, there’s many more things to do in Huntington Beach, but these are family-friendly, minimalistic, and zero waste themed. I hope you have many enjoyable experiences in our hometown.
If you’re interested, we’ve also created a video on this topic:

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