Goodwill Thrift Haul – March 2017

I debated on writing this post for hours. Would it be hypocritical to post a haul on a blog about minimalism & sustainability? ….Especially when the clothing includes fast fashion brands? Eventually I decided to write about my haul with the intention of promoting conscious thrift shopping. I have seen way too many YouTube thrift hauls where the person brought 15+ pieces home. It would be different if these hauls were shared once or twice a year instead of every month. Excess consumption of any kind is detrimental to your well-being, home, and wallet. I hope my small Goodwill thrift haul (& subsequent justification for each item) promotes conscious thrift shopping.

The Thrift Haul

Banana Republic Black Dress – $8.99

thrift haul banana republic dress

Ironically I am starting off with a dress I had no intention of purchasing. I found it in the women’s jackets section! Honestly, I don’t wear dresses that often because I don’t find them practical for everyday wear. That being said, this is me in a dress. (Yes, that’s literally me in a dress, but you know what I mean.) Most of my dresses are short and flowy, meaning they could fly up at a moments notice. Since this dress is so long I’ll never have to worry about that problem. I cannot wait to wear this out.

Old Navy Black Jacket – $8.99

thrift haul old navy coat

I have a big puffy jacket, a long puffy jacket, a thin raincoat with a button missing, and a outdoorsy-looking jacket from R.E.I. That’s right, I have no fashionable coats. I realized my wardrobe was missing such a coat when I went downtown wearing each coat and never felt like myself. The reason I didn’t have any fashionable coats is because I decluttered them all. They didn’t fit or weren’t my style anymore.
I had a few requirements for my new coat: black, longer than my hips, and fashionable. (not to be confused with trendy) If you can’t tell by the photos, this jacket fits all the requirements.

H&M Black Sweater – $6.99

thrift haul h&m sweater

I rarely say that I need a material item, but honestly I need more sweaters. Since moving to a colder climate than I’m used to, I’ve realized how unsuitable my closet is. I’ve been holding onto uncomfortable sweaters because I don’t have anything to replace them with. In my ideal closet I would have ~10 sweaters I love and take great care of. Currently I have 7 sweaters and that’s including long sleeves and turtlenecks.

Enter this beautiful sweater. It’s thicker than my other sweaters, which makes it suitable as a standalone item (versus a layering piece). I don’t have any sweaters that are warm enough to wear alone so this fills a gaping void in my wardrobe.

H&M Black Cardigan – $6.99

thrift haul h&m cardigan

While we’re talking about gaping voids in my wardrobe, we may as well discuss my lack of well made cardigans. I have a F21 black cardigan that’s at least 5 years old. Though there are small holes in the fabric, I continue to wear it frequently. It goes with nearly everything. The problem? It’s too thin. I also have a green cardigan from Kohl’s that’s the perfect length, but not the perfect color or thickness.

But this H&M cardigan? It’s actually warm! And long! I imagine myself slipping this on over a thin sweater before taking a walk around my neighborhood. It’s casual but can be dressed up for going out. I love it so much.


That’s it!

What a small haul right? I believe that large hauls diminish the value of each item. Once you see one item you’re already thinking about what the next one will be. This is especially true if the only justification for the purchase is because it’s “cute” or “trendy.” There’s nothing wrong with buying something cute or trendy, but it also should have a place in your closet, especially if you are trying to be minimalistic.

I went into Goodwill with a list in my head of items I’d be looking for. If I’m being honest with you, I actually went into Goodwill to look for jeans and black pants. Unfortunately, I didn’t love how any of those fit me so I went looking for other things on my list like sweaters and coats. I tried on these items multiple times because I wanted to make sure I loved them. I tried my best to be conscious of what I wanted and not spend time looking for anything that isn’t on my list.

Like I said before, this haul isn’t meant to glorify shopping or fast fashion brands. Buying items at a thrift store is obviously better than buying them new, but that doesn’t mean you should buy in excess. I hope to promote thrift shopping with a purpose. Don’t get carried away by the inexpensive prices, especially if you didn’t even want that item before you walked in the door.

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