PACT Apparel Collection & Reviews

Since learning about the negative impact of fast fashion, I’ve been on a mission to find ethical and sustainable clothing brands. The main appeal of fast fashion brands, such as Forever 21 and H&M, are their low prices. How can you beat a $1.90 cami or a $5 basic t shirt? You can’t, unless you forgo fair wages and nontoxic fabrics. PACT apparel can’t possibly compete with those low prices, but I still believe they are budget-friendly. Their cami costs $17.99 and basic t shirt only $15.99, which I think are fair prices to pay for fair wages and nontoxic fabrics.

Why do I believe PACT Apparel is an ethical & sustainable brand?

  • They use organic cotton.

    • Conventional cotton causes water pollution, damages soil & air, and uses a lot of resources. Conventional cotton farmers use pesticides and insecticides, which can harm farmers and their families because of continued exposure to those chemicals daily.
  • They partner with the Global Organic Textile Standard.

    • Their entire supply chain is certified, meaning that workers’ rights are protected. There’s no child labor and workers are paid a living wage
  •  They’re Fair Trade

    • According to their website this means “you’re supporting better conditions for cotton farmers. For each product sold, they earn a premium to invest in social development projects and to fight poverty in their communities.”

For more information about PACT Apparel check out Project Just & PACT’s website.

Onto the clothing!

Black Leggings

These have a good amount of stretch to them, even after owning them for about a year and a half now. They’re made out of 92% organic cotton and 8% elastane. The only thing that might be a bother is the seam down the legs. It’s a bit thicker than “normal” leggings, but it doesn’t bother me. Make sure you pay attention to the size guide when ordering. I’m about a size 4 or size 27 in jeans and the small fits me well. Also, they’re about $30 normally, but if that’s too expensive, wait for a sale because they have them often.

Low Rise Bikini Underwear

I bought a 2 pack in Charcoal Heather and Charcoal Stripe for $22.99. I love how much stretch the underwear has as a whole. It’s not just the elastic band that has stretch; all of it stretches nicely. I bought them in a size extra small, and, unfortunately, they’re a little too small for me. 

Hipster Underwear

I also bought a 2 pack of the hipster underwear in Plum and Lilac for $22.99. These I bought in a small because, based on my experience with the extra small underwear, I thought small was going to be the perfect size for me. Sadly, these are a little bit too big for me.

They’re great quality, but I find they move around throughout
the day because they don’t fit me properly. Therefore, I can’t recommend these to someone of my size (size 4 or 27 in jeans), but I would recommend checking these out if you’re a little smaller or bigger than me. 

That does it for the clothing I still own. I also bought a long sleeve tee and 2 v necks, but have since decluttered them.

Long Sleeve Tee

pact apparel review

I didn’t know much about fabrics when I ordered the long sleeve tee, so I was surprised when it had very little stretch. Of course, that’s because it’s made out of 100% organic cotton. If you hate stretchy long sleeve tees, or just want something 100% organic cotton, I’d recommend checking out PACT’s version. It wasn’t bad quality or a bad fit. I just didn’t like the way it felt.



V Neck Tee

Likewise, the v necks had no stretch. pact apparel reviewThey’re also 100% organic cotton. However, the lack of stretch wasn’t the issue for these shirts. The v neck cut was too low for me personally. I felt like I had to put on a tank top underneath to cover up. Evidently I didn’t look at the picture too closely because I thought it would look fine on me. I don’t like the style of a tank top underneath a t shirt and that was my only option to feel comfortable wearing the tops so I decluttered them.



Final Thoughts

Overall I think PACT is a good brand to check out when you’re transitioning to a more sustainable wardrobe and need some affordable basics. Since most conventional brands push stretchy tees, it can be awkward transitioning to 100% organic cotton tees. Of course, if you love stretchy clothing, then make sure to check the fabric composition of each item on PACT’s website

Even though I haven’t had the best luck with their sizing, I’m still interested in trying out their socks, tights, relaxed fit tee, and premium hoodie. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on PACT and if you know of any budget-friendly sustainable brands I should look into.