March in Review

Yes, I know. It’s the second week of April. So why am I still talking about March? Besides it being my birthday month, March was also the month where we finally bought some patio furniture! Read on to see what I received for my birthday, as well as hear about some notable experiences.

I’m 24

Now that I’ve surpassed 21, I don’t really feel the need to shout from the rooftops, “It’s my birthday!” I even removed it from my Facebook profile. (Who needs all those random people posting on your wall anyway?)

I’m so happy to say that my mom was able to visit me during my birthday week. On my birthday we walked 5 miles, which (surprisingly) caused a few blisters on my feet. After that, we went on a tiny hike (my feet couldn’t handle anything longer) and then out to dinner at a Peruvian restaurant. Sadly, I didn’t remember to take any photos of us at dinner. I think I was too exhausted from our exercise-filled day.

Birthday Gifts

This is a minimalist blog, so I thought it might be fun to detail what kinds of gifts I received for my birthday.

Mott Leather Dome Crossbody: My mom knew I had been looking to buy a nicer purse, so she took me to Michael Kors when she was visiting. I didn’t have high hopes when I walked in, as I’m very particular about my purses, but the saleswoman there managed to find me a purse that met all my needs! I love how light and minimalistic this purse is, as well as the small size. I plan on using this purse for years to come. Thank you mom!

Target gift card: My step dad generously gave me a Target gift card. I’m honestly not sure what I’ll spend it on yet, but I know it’ll be on an item that I genuinely need.

Amazon gift card: My boyfriend’s parents surprised me with an e-gift card to Amazon. I’ve been eyeing a few eco-friendly items, as well as a large plant stand for our patio. Thank you so much!

Dinner: My boyfriend paid for my birthday dinner, which was very good, but also very expensive. I’m so happy he gave me an experience. Spending time talking with him and my mom over great food is something I will remember for a long time.

Herb Garden Kit: My best friend Lauren mailed over an herb garden kit (seeds, soil, and little planters) that she assembled herself. She knew I had been wanting to plant one for months, and I’m thankful she gave me such a thoughtful gift. I can’t wait to plant the seeds and watch them grow!

New Patio Furniture

I think my boyfriend and I decided that the new patio furniture was also part of my birthday gift, but it’s obviously something we both can enjoy. For the past year, our patio has just been a storage area for my succulents. We had no extra seating to leave out, and everything was a bit dusty anyway. When my mom came, she suggested we search for patio furniture and clean up the area a bit.

Luckily, the patio set we agreed upon was inexpensive. But it required assembly.

Oh boy.

Assembling furniture is not one of my talents, but that didn’t stop my mom from encouraging me to try. I assembled the small table myself, but had to have help with the chairs. We finished the first chair relatively quickly with no major issues. The second chair didn’t go so smoothly.

It didn’t really “go” at all. For some odd reason, the second chair was harder to put together than the first. 

Hours later, my boyfriend came home from work and saw us struggling. He had the strength my mom and I didn’t have, and we finished the second chair. Phew. Never again.

A Lesson

While crafting this blog post, I realized that I haven’t posted to my blog in over 6 months. I also reflected on the fact that I had been struggling posting to Instagram too. Hell, even my last YouTube video took me 2 weeks to finish! (Review videos are time-consuming!)

All of this made me realize that I clearly can’t do it all. Posting regularly on YouTube, Instagram, and my blog feels like a full-time job. It’s too much content anyway. I already feel like I’m drowning whenever I open Instagram after a short hiatus.

I’m pretty much a one-woman show. To be fair, my boyfriend sometimes helps me with photos and with hitting the Record button on the camera, but I swear I’m doing everything else! I’m also a perfectionist and have very high standards for my content. This year I’m working on lowering my standards a bit and posting more content that feels authentic to me. 

So what does this mean for the blog? I plan on posting more often here, but I’ll be treating it more like a journal than an informational blog. Think a ‘minimalist, low waste lifestyle’ blog. I hope you’ll stick around!