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I use to be the type of person who kept everything in her purse. I wanted to be as prepared as possible, and that mean my purse was often very heavy and a real pain to carry around. Now I try to keep my purse free of unnecessary items. Minimalism is about carrying less physically and mentally. I’ve learned to let go of items I’d been carrying around just in case. I hope this will inspire you to go through your own bag or pockets and analyze what you’re carrying around every day. Here’s what’s in my purse…


From left to right and starting from the top:

Wallet: A necessity. Obviously. Though I am working on downsizing the amount of cards I own.

Hand lotion: This Shea Moisture hand lotion is awesome for those of us who have dry, cracked hands in the winter. Since it’s thick and creamy, you’ll need to let it soak in for a few minutes before touching something like your phone.

Tissues: I eventually want to carry around a handkerchief, but for now I’m working on using up the tissues I already own. Not only do my hands crack in the winter, but my nose runs like crazy when I experience a drastic temperature shift. These are great to have on hand when that type of situation occurs.

Band-aids: I have two of them in my purse. They’re life savers if I end up getting blisters on my feet or cuts on my hands.

Emery board: I have a crystal nail file at home so I don’t need another one for my purse. It’s convenient to have a light emery board for filing down any nails that break while I’m outside my home.

Keys: Also an essential. I can’t leave home without them! Seriously though- my front door automatically locks itself after me.

Carmex: I’m working on using up this tube so I can explore more natural options like the lip balm next to it.

Made For Naked lip balm: I was so excited to find a natural lip balm packaged in a cardboard tube. Made For products are handmade in Boulder, Colorado and use organic ingredients. I recently started using this so I will definitely update this blog with my final thoughts in a few months.

Tampons: I bought a menstrual cup a few months back but haven’t been able to get the hang of it yet. It’s been excruciatingly painful actually. So I’ve opted to purchase the most eco-friendly and budget conscious tampons I’ve found. o.b. tampons don’t have applicators but instead just a small amount of plastic packaging for each individual tampon. I keep two (regular & super) in case my period catches me off guard.

Mirror: I’m that girl you hate. The one who takes out a pocket mirror to check her teeth, hair, makeup, whatever in public. Ok maybe you don’t hate that kind of girl. I care about my appearance, and that means I like to keep a small mirror with me at all times.

Hair ties: I have three hair ties. One is for putting my hair up in a bun or ponytail. The other two small ones I use to put my hair in braids. It’s useful to have these kinds of accessories when your hair is long and curly.


Notebook & Pen: Lastly, I carry this notebook and pen with me. Of course, I am going to replace the notebook with something a little more *ahem* mature when I use up all the pages, but for now it does the job. This isn’t always in my purse because I use it so often. Sometimes it’s on my desk or my bed, but I try to remember to grab it before I leave.


Here is my purse with all those items stuffed in it. I am looking for a more high quality, minimal purse because this one is already showing signs of wear and tear. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. Now go tackle your own purse!

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