Things I’m Decluttering…Before I Move

I have a mighty move ahead of me. As this is published, I am starting my drive from Southern California to Northern California. It will be 6-7 hours before I reach my new home. Since we are not renting a U-Haul, I need to fit all my stuff into my Prius and into half of a pickup truck. I’ve managed to declutter boxes of items, and, unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos to share. These are the “last minute” items I’m decluttering. This could mean that the item has sentimental value, or I just happened upon the item while packing and knew instantly I didn’t want it anymore.



Plastic Storage

This is one of the biggest items I’m donating this time around. I originally thought I would use it as storage in the new closet, but I recently found out the closet actually has built-in shelves. Since it’s plastic and has no sentimental value, I quickly decided to donate it.


Panda Mug (#1)

This panda mug will always hold a special place in my heart. I know that sounds ridiculous, but let me tell you its story before you judge me too harshly. I received this as a gift 4-5 years ago and immediately fell in love. Not only did it come with an infuser, but it also came with a cute lid. My friends knew how much I loved this mug, but when I moved into my first apartment with a girl I didn’t know, things went quickly downhill. She started using it, even though I had it in “my” section of the cabinet, and left her milk to coagulate in it. (There was mold in it at one point.) She always cleaned it out, but I stopped using it as much after that. I now have other mugs that I love to use more and I hope someone else will enjoy using it.


Panda Mug (#2)

I received this other panda mug as a gift from my cousin. It’s definitely a cute mug, but not so much my style anymore. Brenda, if you’re reading this, thank you for the mug! I loved it while I had it, and I hope you understand why I’m decluttering it.



Seashells seem like a weird thing to declutter, right? I had a box full of seashells in my closet at my parent’s old house. I still have no idea how I collected so many. These three were the ones I decided to keep. They don’t hold any sentimental value anymore so I will be decluttering them. Instead of donating them, I’m just going to lay them on the beach and hope that someone else will find and enjoy them.


Hair Accessories

Lastly, I’m decluttering most of my hair accessories. I use bobby pins about two or three times a year so I didn’t see it necessary to keep so many. In total I kept only 10 bobby pins. I didn’t keep any barrettes because I can’t remember the last time I used a barrette. Actually, that’s a lie. It was senior year in high school and I had just found the Hello Kitty ones. I remember I had one in my hair when I went out with a guy I liked. I wore his jacket as we walked along the beach and I slipped it into the pocket. In my head, he would find it later and think of me. In reality, he just texted me later that night with a photo of it saying, “you left this in my jacket.” How romantic.

I also made a video with different items I’m decluttering:

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