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The bedroom should be a place of relaxation and rest. We should be able to leave the stresses of the day behind. Perhaps in the living room or the kitchen. I kid, I kid. My nightstand was overflowing with stuff. Crap, actually. Things that didn’t belong there. Every time I opened the drawer it was a struggle to access what I needed. So I decluttered it. This is what survived that quick decluttering session.

The Things I Find Useful Nightly

Birth Control Pills: I take my pill at night so it’s convenient to keep it in my nightstand. I used to keep them in my purse, but stopped doing that after I started forgetting to take them. I now have a routine and am reminded to take them when I open the drawer at night.

Lip Balm: I have a nervous habit of picking at my lips so they become irritated and dry quite often. It’s nice to have lip balm close by.

Retainers: I try to put my retainers in each night. Instead of keeping them in the bathroom, I keep them closer so I have no excuse not to wear them nightly.

Hand Lotion: Washing dishes without gloves and taking searing hot showers really does take a toll on my hands. This lotion repairs all that damage and more. I keep it in the drawer because I prefer to apply it when I don’t have to wait for it to dry. I can just go to sleep. Easy.

Acne Cream: I don’t have a valid excuse for keeping this in here, other than tradition. For more than 5 years I’ve kept this acne cream (Not this specific acne cream. I’ve gone through quite a few tubes) near my bed. Not in the bathroom with my other skincare products. Near my bed. I continue to do it because of no other reason but tradition. I think my mind might blow a fuse if I started putting it in the bathroom. Just kidding.

Kindle & Charger: I don’t read my Kindle anywhere other than in bed, so it only seems right to keep it near my bed. Plus, I use it so often that I might as well keep the charger in there too. At least for now.

Reading Light: The lighting in my bedroom sucks. There’s no overhead light, and the light we have is dim and concentrated, like a spotlight. It’s useful for helping us wind down after a long day, but not useful for reading.

Earplugs: I live by train tracks and sometimes I get headaches. Those two don’t mix well.


If you want to see what my nightstand looked like pre-decluttering, check out the video I made below:

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