Minimalist Skin Care Routine: Cruelty Free & Simple!

I’m so happy to say I’ve downsized my skin care to only the products I use regularly. I’ve leaned towards using products that are nontoxic and cruelty free. Because I have such a small amount of products I’m no longer worried that things will expire before I use them up! Here is my minimalist skin care routine:

minimalist skincare


Every morning I look in the mirror and assess my skin. Does it look oily? Are there dry patches? I decide whether I need to use my apple cider vinegar toner (which I have a whole blog post about) or if I should just skip to moisturizer.

If I decide to use toner, then I will spray the toner onto a reusable cotton pad and wipe my face with it.

I let my skin absorb the toner before moving onto moisturizer. Depending on the day, I will use either the Everyone For Men 3-in-1 Cedar & Citrus Lotion or my Alba Botanica Even Advanced Moisturizer with SPF 15. Sometimes I use both.

You might be wondering why I’m using a lotion marketed/designed for men. To be honest, Lukas bought it for himself but found that he didn’t like the scent. I wasn’t going to let the lotion go to waste so I tried using it on my face. It didn’t break me out or cause irritation. I now use it on my face, hands, and body whenever I need a light layer of moisture.

All that to say that I didn’t buy this lotion with the intention of using it as a face moisturizer. Sometimes we just use what we have.

minimalist skincare


To take off my makeup, I use either coconut oil or my Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser. Since transferring to more nontoxic makeup, I’ve found that everything comes off a lot easier.

After cleansing, I will usually put a layer of the Everyone For Men moisturizer on. At the moment I take scalding hot showers, so my skin is very dry afterward.

If I have any acne I’ll use a prescription Tretinoin Cream on them. I’ll wait at least 10 minutes before applying my Mario Badescu Ginseng Moist Cream, otherwise the cream is less effective.

minimalist skincare


I’m very much a minimalist in this area. I used to have multiple spot treatment creams and Queen Helene masks, but I rarely used them. These two products have survived my ruthless decluttering.

For spots that need a little extra attention, I’ll use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I have the one in the glass container. Unfortunately, you need to use a Q-Tip with this product, so it’s not exactly the most sustainable option.

The only mask I own is the Indian Healing Clay mask (aka Calcium Bentonite Clay). I mix the powdered clay with water and apply it to my face. My boyfriend and I both like to use it, but it usually hangs out in my drawer.


That’s it! Though my routine is minimal, the products I use aren’t ideal. Eventually I would like to try to make my own moisturizer and use bar soap as face wash. Until then, these products will do.

I hope my routine inspires you to assess your own skin care routine and see what you can cut out!

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