Finding My Personal Style: A Labor of Love to Myself and the Environment

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For the past month I have been working tirelessly on my personal style. I desire a curated wardrobe full of items I love. I want to be indecisive each morning not because I have nothing to wear, but because I want to wear everything. I want to feel confident in each piece I own, and be able to mix and match easily. A tall order, right?

The Pitfalls of Buying Used

I have also challenged myself to find each new item used, whether it’s from a thrift store or a person selling on Poshmark. Naturally, I’ve run into a multitude of issues. I’ve entered 8 physical thrift stores and only come out with 3 new pieces. And those pieces were not even what I was looking for: Forever 21 black high waisted pants, a Brandy Melville gray cropped tank top, and a Kimchi Blue black dress. Though I am happy with these purchases, I am still saddened by my lack of success.

The problem with buying used online is the lack of a return policy. My fear is that the pieces won’t fit and I won’t be able to sell the pieces to recoup my losses. Though ThredUp has a return policy, it’s just store credit. Of course, this makes complete sense from a business standpoint, but it still deters me from jumping on any pieces that I do like. My solution to this is to go into stores like Gap, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters to try on different pieces and track my size in each brand.

A Long-Term Project

What I thought would take me only a few months at most is turning into a long-term project. I’ll admit that part of the pressure is my own fault. I started a Personal Style series on my YouTube channel, and I feel pressured to continue with that until completion. However, I am also pressuring myself to find more pieces because every day I look into my closet and am unhappy with what I see. I long for the day where this feeling is but a distant memory.

Too dramatic? Truthfully, I know that fashion and clothing is all but meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I know that I could be channeling all of this brain power into something more significant. Even so, I think being happy with the image you put out into the world is important. My outfits really do affect how I feel, how I interact with others, and how others view me.

I’ve been tempted many times throughout the month to just buy things new. I can still hear DSW, Gap, and Nordstrom calling my name. Though I do have gift cards to a few of these places and do intend on purchasing some pieces new, it won’t be for a while. I know I still have some stamina left in me.

This project is really turning into a labor of love. Thank you for hearing me out.


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