Content Overload: Slowing Down & Filtering Out

I’m overwhelmed.

And I know I’m not alone.

I’ve been feeling this the most with Instagram. I have 2 accounts- a personal one and a Loose Leaf Living one. This means I have twice the amount of content waiting for me every time I open up the app. I spend most of my time on my personal account, so when I eventually open Loose Leaf Living, I’m floored at the amount of posts I’ve missed. With the addition of Stories, there’s even more content to consume (and miss).

It’s not a fear of missing out that bothers me, but more the idea of having to “catch up.”

This is why I’ve decided to only post once a week. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone slowed down a bit and only posted one or two times a week?

I feel similarly with YouTube videos. While there are some channels I wish posted more often, I’m more than content with one high quality video a week. I get overwhelmed when my watch later playlist exceeds 10 videos.

So what am I going to do about all this?

Slow Down

I’ve had my notifications turned off for nearly a year now and I highly recommend it. Now I’m only notified of text messages and calendar events. I love that I can open apps at my leisure, rather than feeling pressured to respond to a notification.

I’ve also logged out of Facebook on my phone. My habit of refreshing Facebook on Safari has been crushed because of this. If you’re looking to slow down a bit with social media, I recommend logging out on Safari and on the apps. I’m always forced to slow down when I’m prompted by the login screen. It’s a bit like a wake up call.

I also want to take it a step further. I’m going to schedule a technology-free day twice a month. On those days I will stay off my phone and laptop, and not turn on the TV. I’d like to do this more than just twice a month, but I’m currently completing an internship related to digital marketing, which often requires Internet research and video editing. 

Filter Out

I also think it’s important to declutter who you’re following. I found it’s best to unfollow anyone who makes you feel negative about yourself or even negative about them. For me, this includes anyone who portrays a ‘perfect life,’ and anyone who never acknowledges their zero waste or minimalist failures.

I even unfollow people I’m jealous of. Though I know jealousy is a personal problem unrelated to them, I still think it’s healthier to remove that negativity from my life. Eventually I’ll be at a place where I’m no longer jealous, but right now I have to take care of me first.

As much as I’d like to follow everyone that follows me, it’s too much content for me to keep up with. I used to feel bad when people I followed didn’t follow me back. Now I don’t mind. Maybe they’re overwhelmed too. Or maybe my content just isn’t for them.

Doing My Part

It’s always been my goal with Loose Leaf Living to create and post meaningful content without overwhelming you. As a YouTuber, I do feel pressure to post more often. There’s this idea of the “YouTube algorithm” and how it favors those who post more frequently. As much as I would like my videos to have more views, I don’t think the trade off is worth it. 

I hope that by keeping things slow and intentional on my social media platforms, I might influence others to do the same.