How to Buy Less Makeup: Tips to Curb Your Makeup Spending!

I used to love perusing the beauty aisles of CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid weekly. I would spend hours on Sephora’s and Temptalia’s websites “researching” what products I wanted. My monthly budget for makeup was $50, and I often bought more of what I already owned. Another pink blush? Don’t mind if I do…Oh another neutral eyeshadow palette? Well, it’s on sale! I justified every purchase with ridiculous reasoning. If this sounds anything like you, then I hope this post will help.

If you want to hear more about my personal journey from being a makeup hoarder to a minimalist, then check out my YouTube video!

How to Curb Your Makeup Spending

Settle on a Goal

What’s your end goal? A minimalist makeup collection? A successful budget? Or maybe you just want more control over your shopping habits. It doesn’t matter what your goal is as long as it’s specific and attainable.

My goal was to minimize my makeup collection and only buy products that fit my value set (minimalist, sustainable, nontoxic). This meant that I wanted to declutter my collection (slowly) in order to find out what types and colors of makeup I truly loved, as well as only purchasing makeup items that were essential (minimalist), eco-friendly (sustainable), and with ingredients that were good for my skin (nontoxic).

Take some time today and figure out your goal. Then break your goal up into smaller pieces. What steps can you take to achieve this goal?


Banish the Temptation

Don’t make sticking to your goal harder than it needs to be. Unsubscribe from advertising e-mails. Unfollow makeup brand accounts. Stop watching hauls, monthly favorites, and product review videos on YouTube. Understand that every e-mail, Instagram photo, and video you see wants you to buy something.

I cut myself off completely. It was so hard to get e-mails promoting sitewide sales, see Instagram posts showcasing a company’s newest product, or watch someone hauling a bunch of stuff I “couldn’t” buy for myself. Instead, I poured my energy into decluttering and finding what things in my life truly brought me happiness. Though I love owning and wearing makeup, I discovered that it only brought me short term happiness. This doesn’t mean I should trash all of it and never wear it again, but rather I should focus on hobbies and relationships that do bring me long term happiness. 

Cutting yourself off of these kinds of advertisements could be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are someone who loves knowing about new product releases and always having the newest thing. Just remember your goal. You don’t have to go cold turkey like I did. 


Educate Yourself

It became so much easier to stop buying makeup once I realized the cruel nature of animal testing.  Likewise, it became easier to reduce my spending when I became aware of consumerism. Every beauty advertisement I saw was telling me I had to look a certain way. I wasn’t enough on my own. But I didn’t have to fear because the advertisements would also tell me what product I needed to buy to solve this problem. This problem I didn’t even know I had before viewing the ad. It became even easier when I learned what kinds of toxic chemicals are in mainstream beauty products and how these ingredients could harm the environment. 

At the risk of sounding preachy, I’ll stop there. I am by no means telling you to buy only cruelty free and nontoxic products, but rather sharing my experience. It is up to you what kinds of values you choose to have. 


I hope at least one of these tips will help you! For some different tips based on my personal experience, check out the video I made. It’s a little more casual, and I explain a little more about journey from a makeup hoarder to a minimalist.


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